OptimaShort is one prime example of the versatility and robustness of the AlphaNet core infrastructure platform. Custom-tailored for optimal performance in bearish market conditions, and built and extended upon the robust foundation of ViperAI, OptimaShort has undergone core technology updates, rigorous backtesting and parameter optimization to optimally detect and capitalize upon sharp market downturns.

OptimaShort Usage guide

Enter positions based on long or short signals and exit upon receiving close signals. There are two primary mechanisms for exiting:

  • The model generates a close signal when an opposite signal strengthens significantly.

  • A 2% stop loss is triggered for BTC and ETH pairs.

The first condition met will trigger the exit. Notifications of a "Close" will be promptly sent through the AlphaNet Chart System or via Telegram, ensuring you are always informed of your position status.

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