AlphaNet Beta R2 Release Notes

The very much awaited Beta R2 version of AlphaNet has finally been released. As the first Public Beta Release (R1) was merely a teaser of a few basic tools that will remain free, Beta R2 will be a significant upgrade and serves to showcase some of the more advanced capabilities of what AlphaNet can provide.

In Beta R2 we will introduce and release the first AlphaNet Hybrid Staking module – it will turn the Hybrid Staking proof-of-concept into an actual practice that we will see taking effect on Phoenix’s token economics. For those that are not familiar, Hybrid Staking is an innovative approach to staking that at its core is staking in exchange for value or capabilities, instead of only token rewards. Hybrid Staking is a Phoenix ecosystem-wide initiative that extends beyond AlphaNet into Computation Layer and other modules.

AlphaNet is positioned as an AI platform for the most advanced retail traders – but with the R2 release it will be easy to see how it is an alpha and profit generation machine in various market conditions, a necessity in the highly volatile crypto market. At AlphaNet, we focus on quality over quantity – we provide users curated products with cutting edge AI combined with market expertise to provide significant value creation.

The notes below outlines the features/changes added to this version:

New Products:

  • ViperAI

    ▪️ Pairs: BTC, ETH

  • WaveML

    ▪️ Pairs: BTC, ETH

ViperAI and WaveML will have a free trial period of until 10/14/2023, after which AlphaNet staking of at least tier T1 is required.

New Pairs:

  • AI Directional Strength:

    ▪️ XRP SOL, TRX

  • Min/max:

    ▪️ XRP, SOL, TRX

  • Volatility Switch Model (VSM)

    ▪️ XRP, SOL, TRX

New Features:

  • AlphaNet Telegram Bot (for signals)

  • Hybrid Staking Module

We will continuously be rolling out new updates up to AlphaNet Mainnet Launch (est. 12/2023), including but not limited to:

  • New trading pairs for ViperAI, WaveML, and all other existing products, including some smaller cap alts.

  • New features for ViperAI and WaveML, more signal frequency options for ViperAI.

  • Rollout of AlphaNet staking tiers T2 and T3.

  • Additional brand new Insight Products.