AI MeanRev


The AI MeanRev model excels in capturing short-term trends and market volatility, Its exceptional performance is especially notable in rangebound and oscillating markets. With an average trade holding period of around a day, this model is its particularly versatile at seizing minor trend opportunities for additional profits. AI MeanRev also often identifies trade opportunities at price action turning points, or local minima and maxima.

AI MeanRev Usage guide

Entry into a position is initiated when a long or short signal is generated. Exit from the position occurs upon receiving a close signal. There are two exit mechanisms in place:

  • A close signal generated by the model due to a strengthening of the opposite signal strength.

  • A 2% stop loss point being triggered.

A position will close whenever either of these conditions is met, whichever happens first. In all cases, a "Close" notification will be issued either in the AlphaNet Chart System or via Telegram.

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